A Warm Welcome from Me to You!

The best… First??

Old Redwood Brewing is one of my favorite breweries in Sonoma County. They have a plethora of styles on their taplist. The cozy taproom immediately reminds you of a wine Tasting room, as there is Beer being aged in wine barrels and the  beer is very well balanced.

The Start of a Journey

An interesting time to Start as our first beer has just reached perfection! We went with an Honey Deep Brown Ale, adding some Centennial hops near the end for a flowery refreshing finish. The beer has finally reached the proper carbonation level now sports the grainy start of a classic brown ale. But not too malty a middle and a subtle, flowery finish, make this beer have a unique flavor! If you can’t tell, I’m pretty happy with our first brew! But enough patting myself on the back. Time to brew again!

New new beginnings

A first post requires a proper beginning. We’ll get just that with a fresh batch of beer. So we brew tomorrow! I’m refreshing my vows with IPAs. After a long hiatus with IPAs (the hop craze was just too much for me) I’m once again starting to enjoy the intricate flavors present in today’s modern day IPAs


7 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome from Me to You!

  1. Great topic, good descriptions of the beers you tried, and I like the images you chose. Where is Old Redwood Brewing? Perhaps you could add a link to their website. I will be covering the downtown Santa Rosa breweries as part of my blog.
    Look forward to reading more, Kharla (CS5711)


  2. Hi Fred! I really like your blog. I find homebrewing fascinating and although I’ve only helped out (I want to say it was a pumpkin ale), I’d love to try it out on my own in the future. I chose your blog to critique and honestly, I like most things about it. Your template is really sleek, and the layout is really easy to navigate. From what I’ve read your posts are easy to understand and do a great job explaining a topic to someone who might not know anything about homebrewing. The only suggestion I have for you, would be to add a widget so that other WordPress users can follow you without using an RSS reader. Other than that, blog looks great and I have no other suggestions- A Fellow cs57.11 Classmate


  3. Hi Fred, Love your blog. I use to make beer in the bathtub in the 60s. I want to try the IPA at Old Redwood Brewing. I recognize the picture of the rock over the fiord
    It is from Norway.I was there. Bring some of your IPA to class-kidding. Like the way you explain the recipe. Good description of beer you tasted. I am looking forward to tasting at the Hen House IPA at Trail House on Montgomery Drive that opened up. Love your pictures of the brews. Suggestion: Add more pictures.cs5711


  4. Thanks for the suggestions and praise! I’m so jealous that you’ve been there!! I’ll definitely try and take more pictures when possible! I’ve also been meaning to stop by Henhouse. They’re a phenomenal brewery!


  5. Now I’m thirsty! I too have brewed the brew. Though it was back in the early 90’s. I also made champagne, methode champenoise…the hardest. Maybe that’s why I haven’t made any since.LOL. Your site is very thorough and engaging. I’d ask for more recipes, but maybe I’ll just ask for some beer. Cheers!


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