No News is good News!

All systems are go!

So this past couple of weeks has been a little less exciting. But that’s okay! Because my most recent IPA has been doing its job well! I’ve tested the sugar levels two times now. A week and a half ago, when tested for the second time the beer was at 1.020 which is .003 away from my goal gravity! So, tomorrow, when I test the sugar levels for a final time I’m estimating that I’ll have reached my goal gravity of 1.017. Which will mean that my beer is at 6.5% abv! Once I confirm this I will rack my beer off of the yeast cake and into secondary fermentation. Where I will dry hop it with Chinook and mosaic hops for seven days as my beer finishes up and mellows out some of the more intense flavors produced during a very active primary fermentation!

That’s what friends are for!

Meanwhile, at my friends house, his Belgian triple is just finishing up and ready to start the bottle conditioning process! The road has been long and arduous, the higher percentage Belgian styles require Brettanomyces bacteria in order to give it the classic Belgian flavoring as well as to help the complete its fermentation. As the beer reaches the higher alcohol percentages the yeast start to go dormant, as the alcohol levels are too high for them to thrive in. The Brettanomyces, however; are better adapted to the higher alcohol environment. This beer is boasting a whopping 10% ABV, not to be trifled with! So far all taste tests have been phenomenal, so we’re really looking forward to the finished product, about three weeks from bottling. We should have both of our beers drinkable right around the same date and I’m looking forward to tasting the extremely different styles side by side!


One thought on “No News is good News!

  1. Sounds like you are very close to making a professionally made beer here. I remember my friends in high school would use apple juice and yeast to make what we called “jungle juice” it was ok but I guess it did the trick and that was to get you hammered. The taste wasn’t that bad but I’m sure your brew tastes much better than the jungle juice did. Interesting subject and it sounds much more technical than I thought to make beer. I don’t drink but I imagine your beer tasted like store bought beer or even better. If you get a chance give me a follow and I will follow you back. -Bel CS57.11

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