Carbonation Station

Lift Off!

Our Keg and C02 tank/regulator set up has arrived. It couldn’t have been timed better with my second IPA finishing the dry hopping process! We cleaned our shiny keg the next day and siphoned my beer out of the carboy and into the keg.  Then we closed up the keg. After inspecting it and making sure all of the lines were safe and securely connected. We started the carbonating process by setting  the regulators pressure to 30psi. After 24 hours with the C02’s PSI set to 30 we adjusted it to 12 psi for the next 12 hours, in order to finish the carbonating process. After only 36 hours of carbonation we were able to enjoy my beer at last!

So far, this is one of my favorite beers that we’ve made to this date! It is very satisfying to experience the subtle difference between this IPA and the last one. The major difference, to me, being the chinook and galaxy hops, Instead of the more citric and floury Centennial and Citra hops. This is definitely an exciting moment for both myself and my good friend! We have already reached a level of success with brewing that I honestly thought we would never reach and it makes me deeply content. I personally would pay good money to drink this beer. Yet it is on tap in my fridge! Needless to say, life is good! The beer finished at the goal final gravity of 1.017 and the galaxy chinook dry hop and carbonation really completed the beers flavor.


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