A new Style of Beer

For the coming summer:

So I think it’s safe to say at this point that I’ve had my fun in experimenting with IPAs. It was a blast and I can’t wait to try another one in a different style and make my process better and better. There is a ton of fun in not having to be as consistent as a brewery. I can experiment with any aspect of the process purely for learning and that’s how I like it!! We’ve had the IPA on tap at my house for the past week now and It’s been a blast showing it to friends that I have over. I’ve gotten some really positive feedback and the reviews are in! This is the highest quality brew for me to date! Super exciting to be making such progress and it’s inspiring make me try even harder next time. To be more precise and more exacting. So for this next beer, I’m thinking I will brew a witbier or a kolsch. Something very light and refreshing for the coming summer! But I may go the opposite way and brew a porter. We shall see!

Bottling Day:

So we’re going to bottle what’s remaining of my beer very soon, then keg my friends belgian triple. At this point we’re both cruising on the rhythm and it feels good. We’re both very proud of the fact that our precision when it comes to sanitation has prevented us from any sort of bacterial infections.

Ivy the Hedgehog!

Our hedgehog is now safe and sound in our home. She has acclimated to us and our home quite well so far! She’s a very well mannered hedgehog! Friendly to new people and accustomed to the sounds of our home.


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