The Belgian Triple

Watch out for this one!

This beer is a whopping 9.5 percent! We have just begun the carbonating process. In two days time, we will bottle our precious ichor with our newest installment of equipment, the bottling gun! It is a home made contraption that is rumored to in fact be more effective then the store bought rendition! It works by first purging the bottle of all oxygen by infusing it with C02 from our tank. Then the bottle filler uses a “bung” mounted on the filler tube to create a pressurized and sealed bottle. The filler reaches the bottom of the bottle, insuring safest transport of beer with little to no irritation (foaming). The piece de resistance is a pressure release valve that lets C02 out as the bottle is filled with beer. This is a huge step up in the bottling game and extremely advantageous for us because the Belgian Triple is a beer that does well with extensive bottle conditioning. We will only know truly from trial and error but it could be another month before the Triple has reached its prime. I am looking forward to observing its transformation.

In other news:

I have yet to brew my next batch but I have settled on an amber ale that my girlfriend had shown interest in brewing. I’m looking forward for multiple reasons, the main one being that I hope this will be an opportunity to get my girlfriend more invested and interested in the brewing process. She has most certainly played a vital part in past brews but this will be the first beer that she will be making executive decisions with flavoring and other crucial aspects of the brew.


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